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About the Journal

Health Leadership and Quality of Life is an interdisciplinary journal on the areas of Health Science dedicated to advancing research and debate in the fields of health leadership, healthcare administration, quality of life, living conditions of healthcare professionals, occupational health, and environmental health. Our primary aim is to facilitate a profound exploration of issues related to healthcare, occupational safety and health, environmental health, emphasizing sociocultural studies, quality of life assessments, healthcare management, workforce well-being, and conditions affecting healthcare personnel and workers in general. The journal strives to encourage collaboration among diverse disciplines and professionals in healthcare, occupational health, environmental health, and related fields, engaged in research and practice within the healthcare sector and workplace, while promoting innovative methodologies and perspectives.

Health Leadership and Quality of Life journal publishes original papers, reviews and other types of contributions that address a wide variety of topics. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Leadership and Managment: Investigation of leadership strategies, practices, and challenges within the healthcare industry, including the evaluation of leadership impact on healthcare organizations, workforce engagement, and the delivery of quality care. Research on healthcare administration methods and their influence on the healthcare system at large.
  2. Quality of Life in Healthcare: Exploration of factors affecting the quality of life for healthcare professionals, patients, and communities. This includes assessments of healthcare environments, job satisfaction among healthcare workers, patient-centered care, and the impact of healthcare policies on quality of life.
  3. Occupational and Environmental Health: Research in occupational and environmental medicine and toxicology, occupational hygiene, industrial safety, labor law, environmental health, sociology of work, environmental education, social security, ergonomics, women's health and work, occupational health management, and preventive culture.
  4. Social Health Approaches: Analysis of social determinants of health and their impact on healthcare outcomes, occupational safety, and environmental well-being. Research on community-based interventions, social health promotion, and strategies to enhance well-being within communities, all from a social perspective.
  5. Competency-Based Education and Professional Competencies in Healthcare: Research and development of professional competencies in the healthcare field, including competency-based education in areas such as Fundamentals and Skills, Review and Exam Preparation, Research and Theory, and other relevant aspects for effective performance in the healthcare field.
  6. Conditions of Healthcare Personnel and Occupational Safety: Examination of the living and working conditions of healthcare professionals and workers in various industries, addressing issues related to workplace stress, burnout, mental health, occupational safety, and worker health.


The journal Health Leadership and Quality of Life provides a space for discussion and exchange of ideas in a field that is constantly evolving and with an increasing impact on society.